M. Raif Badawi – Blogger, Co-Founder and Honorary President. @raif_badawi

Mme. Ensaf Haidar – Author, Co-Founder, President. @miss9afi

Mme. Evelyne Abitbol – Strategic Advisor, Co-Founder, Director General

Mme Constance Frechette – Centre For Intercultural Learning

Charles-Philippe DavidRaoul Dandurand Chair in Strategic and Diplomatic Studies, UQAM


Hillel Neuer – Executive Director, UN Watch

Zuhdi Jasser – Founder & President, American Islamic Forum For Democracy

Avaaz Community

Christoph Jumpelt  – Deutsche Welle

Chris Giles – Marketing Consultant and Web Developer, CGain


Michael De Dora – Policy Director of The Center For Enquiry

Maajid Nawaz – Quilliam Foundation, UK

Ani Zonnerweld – Muslims For progressive Values in America

John Ralston Saul – President PEN International, Author & Essayist

Peter Noorlander – CEO, Media Legal Defence Initiative



Dr. Elham Manea – President, Associate Professor University of Zurich

Hamed Abdel-Samad – Writer & Political Scientist

Khaled Abu Toameh – Palestine Journalist for The Jerusalem Post

Waleed Al Husseini – Palestinian Blogger

Daniel Baril – Journalist & Anthropologist, Board of the Humanist Association of Quebec (AHQ)

Maria Schneider – Head of Asia and Human Rights, Fondation Friedrich Naumann

Ann Harrison – Program Director, Writer in Prison Committee, PEN International

Arwa Othman – Former Culture Minister, Human & Civil Rights Activist, Yemen

Dr. Marc RaboyChair in Ethics & Media, McGill University

Moomen Sallam – Editor in Chief, Civil Egypt Movement

Alain Saulnier – University of Montreal, Master in Journalism and Visiting Professor, Director of Trente, the magazine of Professional Journalists in Quebec

Mme Shahla Khan SalterDirector of Universalist Muslims

Elisabeth O’Casey – Head of International Humanist and Ethical Union, United Nations Human Rights Council, Geneva Delegation

Sascha FeuchertPEN Germany

Cat Lucas – English PEN

Constantin SchreiberJournalist for Arabic and German Television, editor of Raif Badawi’s book 1000 Lashes

Mme Karima Bennoune – Special Rapporteur cultural law, Human Rights Council, United Nations, Professor of International Law at the University of California, Davis School of Law

Mme Valentina Colombo – Professor, Italy, focusing on Democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, European Foundation for Democracy

Mme Amel Grami – Lecturer at The faculty of Letters, Arts & Humanities, University of Manouba, Tunisia

Kacem El Ghazzali – Moroccan Writer, President of the Association of Former Muslims in Switzerland. Blog

Usama Hasan – Senior Researcher Quilliam Foundation, Taleb Al Muli, Enlightenment Group, Kuwait

Orit Kopel – CEO, Jimmy Wales Foundation For Freedom

Lawrence Krauss – Author, Professor of Physics, Founder of The School Of Earth and Space

Mme Maryam Namazie – Activist and Blogger

Mme Nina H. Scholz – Writer and Political Scientist

Alexandra El Khazen, Reporters Without Borders

Heiko Heinisch – Historian, University of Vienna

Arwa Othman – former Culture Minister and a famous human and civil rights activist, Yemen


M. Julien D. Pelletier – Director General, Avocats Juripop Inc.

M. Alain M. Gaulin – Director of Legal Services, Avocats Juripop Inc.


Desmond Tutu – Archbishop South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 1984

Salman Rushdie – Author

Jimmy Wales – Humanitarian Activist, Co-founder of Wikipedia

Peter Gabriel – Musician and Humanitarian Activist

Ricken Patel – Co-founder of Avaaz

Émile Proulx-Cloutier – Comedian

Mme Nabila Ben Youssef – Humourist


Dr Georg Lebiszczak – Humanist, Free-thinker & Writer